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Long Crate A-1032

Technical Specifications

Item Code : A1032 O.D : 1059 X 368 X 252 MM I.D : 1005 X 332 X 241 MM Bottom I.D : 990 X 323 X 230MM Capacity : 73L

Long Crate A-1243

Technical Specifications

Item Code : A1243 O.D : 1286 X 462 X 314 MM I.D : 1231 X 410 X 293 MM Bottom I.D : 1216 X 395 X 277MM Capacity : 134L

Super Jumbo

Technical Specifications

Item CodeDimensionCapacity
 AVAILABLE IN CH ,SP ,TPO.D. 809 X 570 X 425 MM I.D. 760 X 538 X 405 MM157 LTR

Super Jumbo Series

Discover the incredible Super Jumbo Series by Alfa Plastic, a collection of High-Quality Plastic Storage Containers designed to meet all your household and organizational needs. With their spacious capacity and durable construction, these containers are perfect for storing oversized items, bulky belongings, and more. Shop now at Alfa Plastic and say goodbye to clutter!

Product Description:

Introducing the Super Jumbo Series by Alfa Plastic, where functionality meets durability. These plastic storage containers have been intelligently crafted to provide ample space and strength for all your storage requirements. Whether you need to organize your garage, attic, or basement, the Super Jumbo Series is here to help.

Each container within the Super Jumbo Series is built with high-quality plastic, ensuring longevity and resilience. The containers are designed to hold oversized items, bulky belongings, and anything else you need to tuck away efficiently. Their spacious capacity allows you to store a wide variety of items, allowing for versatile use throughout your home.

Featuring secure lids, the Super Jumbo Series ensures that your belongings remain protected and free from dust, moisture, and pests. The durable construction and sturdy handles make it easy to transport and stack the containers, optimizing your storage space effectively.

Say goodbye to cluttered spaces and welcome a more organized home with the Super Jumbo Series. Whether you are storing seasonal decorations, sports equipment, or household essentials, Alfa Plastic's Super Jumbo Series provides you with the Ultimate Storage Solution.

Shop now at Alfa Plastic and discover the convenience and functionality of the Super Jumbo Series. Transform your living space into an organized oasis today!