Secure Salvage Solutions: Alfa Plastic’s Overpack Salvage Drums for Hazardous Materials
Safely handle and transport hazardous materials with confidence using Alfa Plastic’s Overpack Salvage Drums. Engineered for robust containment, these drums provide a secure and compliant solution for packaging damaged or leaking containers. Ensure regulatory compliance and protect your environment with Alfa Plastic’s reliable overpack salvage drum solutions.

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OverPack 20 Gallon

Technical Specifications

Dimensions : 590 x 590 x 500mm ±5% Volume : 20 Gallon / 76ltr Unite Weight :5.5kg ±5% Material : LLDPE Loading Capacity : 75 kgs Loading Quantity : 20FT 252Pcs, 40HQ 580Pcs

Overpack 30 Gallon

Technical Specifications

Dimensions : 580 x 580 x 770mm ±5% Volume : 30 Gallon / 114ltr Unite Weight :9.5kg ±5% Material : LLDPE Loading Capacity : 100 kgs Loading Quantity : 20FT 140Pcs, 40HQ 360Pcs

Overpack 95 Gallon

Technical Specifications

Dimensions : 710 x 710 x 1280mm ±5% Volume : 95 Gallon / 360ltr Unite Weight :17kg ±5% Material : LLDPE Loading Capacity : 150 kgs Loading Quantity : 20FT 36Pcs, 40HQ 96Pcs

Explore the features of our Overpack Salvage Drums, including durable construction, UN certification, and compatibility with a variety of hazardous substances. Alfa Plastic prioritizes quality and safety, delivering drums that meet stringent industry standards for the secure containment of hazardous materials.

Choose Alfa Plastic for Overpack Salvage Drums that offer peace of mind in handling and transporting hazardous materials. Upgrade your safety protocols with drums designed for durability and reliability. Explore our range today for a secure and compliant solution for hazardous material containment.