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Technical Specifications

DimensionO.D. 300 X 200 X 100 MM I.D. 265 X 165 X 95 MM Capacity4 LTR


Technical Specifications

O.D. 300 X 200 X 65 MM I.D. 265 X 165 X 60 MM
Capacity2 LTR


Technical Specifications

DimensionO.D. 300 X 200 X 200 MM I.D. 265 X 165 X 195 MM Capacity8 LTR

300 X 200MM SERIES Plastic Crates

Our 300 X 200MM SERIES Plastic Crates at Alfa Plastic are the perfect containers to help organize and store all your important items. Made of high-quality, Durable Plastic, these crates are designed to withstand regular use and can last for years. The size and shape make them ideal for everything from relocating items to storing your valued belongings.

Practical Design Suited for Everyday Needs

These crates are designed with practicality in mind. The 300 X 200MM dimensions offer optimal space without consuming too much room in your space. Their lightweight structure makes them easy to carry, while the sturdy design ensures they can support weight without collapsing. The smooth finish along with rounded corners prevents injury when handling, making this series of crates an excellent choice for your daily needs.

Versatility at Its Finest

These crates boast tremendous versatility and can serve several functions at home, office, or industrial space. With their generous size and hard-wearing material, these crates can conveniently store household items, office supplies, tools, or even perishable goods. The ventilated design also ensures air circulation, preserving the quality of stored items such as fruits and vegetables.