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Discover a comprehensive range of top-quality packaging solutions at Alfa Plastic, designed to meet all your packaging needs with precision and efficiency. From Bag Neck Sealing Machines to PVC Tapes, we provide a diverse array of products to ensure your packaging processes are seamless and effective.

At Alfa Plastic, we are committed to providing top-notch packaging solutions that cater to your diverse needs. Elevate your packaging efficiency with our high-quality products.

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Bag Neck Sealing Machine

Technical Specifications

Stainless Steel

Efficiently seal bag necks with precision using our durable stainless steel sealing machine. Crafted for longevity and hygiene, this machine ensures a secure seal for various bag sizes. With adjustable settings and user-friendly controls, it offers versatility and ease of operation. Ideal for diverse packaging applications, it guarantees the freshness and integrity of your products. Elevate your packaging process with Alfa Plastic's reliable and efficient Bag Neck Sealing Machine in Stainless Steel.

Bag Neck Sealing Machine Powder Coated

Technical Specifications

Powder Coated

Seal bags effortlessly with precision using our durable Bag Neck Sealing Machine. Featuring a robust powder-coated finish, this machine ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion. Designed for various bag sizes, it offers adjustable settings for versatile packaging applications. With user-friendly controls, it provides ease of operation, making it an essential tool for efficient packaging processes. Trust in Alfa Plastic's commitment to quality with this reliable Bag Neck Sealing Machine in a sleek powder-coated design.

BOPP Tapes

Technical Specifications

Available in Different Sizes

BOPP tapes are widely used in industries such as packaging, shipping, and manufacturing for sealing and securing boxes, cartons, and other items. Their combination of strength, versatility, and customization options makes them a popular choice for businesses looking for reliable and efficient packaging solutions.

Cling Film

Technical Specifications

Dimension: 45mm/35mm/30mm/x 1500mtrs

Our Cling Film offers a versatile and effective solution for preserving freshness in your kitchen. With excellent cling properties, it securely wraps around food items, creating an airtight seal to maintain flavor and quality. The transparent film allows easy visibility, and its easy-to-use design ensures a hassle-free experience. Whether storing leftovers, prepping ingredients, or covering dishes, this Cling Film is your go-to for efficient and reliable food protection.

Cling Film Dispenser

Technical Specifications

Streamline your kitchen or food preparation area with our Cling Film Dispenser. This handy tool provides a convenient and efficient way to dispense cling film for wrapping and preserving food. Designed for ease of use, the dispenser ensures a clean cut and hassle-free application. Its compact and functional design makes it a must-have for any kitchen, promoting organization and freshness in your food storage routine. Simplify your daily tasks with the practicality of our Cling Film Dispenser.

Cold Storage Converter Set

Technical Specifications

A "Cold Storage Converter Set" might refer to a set of equipment or devices designed to convert or modify aspects of cold storage facilities. Cold storage typically involves refrigerated environments for preserving perishable goods. The converter set could include components or systems aimed at controlling temperature, humidity, or other conditions within a cold storage facility. This could involve the use of refrigeration units, humidity control systems, or other technologies to optimize the storage environment for specific goods.

Dust Mask

Technical Specifications

Packaging: 20Pkt x 50pcs

A dust mask is a respiratory protection device designed to safeguard individuals from inhaling airborne particles and dust. Typically made of lightweight materials such as paper or fabric, these masks cover the nose and mouth, providing a barrier against particulate matter. Dust masks are commonly used in construction, woodworking, and various industrial settings to reduce the risk of inhaling harmful particles, allergens, or pollutants. They are a simple and effective solution for short-term respiratory protection, although they are not designed for more hazardous environments that require more specialized respirators. Dust masks play a vital role in promoting respiratory safety, particularly in situations where exposure to airborne particles is a concern.

Impulse Sealers

Technical Specifications

Dimension: 400mm/300mm/200mm

Elevate your packaging efficiency with our Impulse Sealers. These compact and versatile devices are designed to create airtight seals on various types of packaging materials, ensuring freshness and protection. With adjustable sealing times, our impulse sealers accommodate a range of bag thicknesses. The user-friendly interface and reliable heat-sealing technology make them essential for securing products in diverse industries. From food packaging to retail applications, our Impulse Sealers deliver precision and convenience, enhancing your packaging workflow.

Latex Gloves

Technical Specifications

Packaging: 10Pkt x 100pcs

Latex gloves, crafted from natural rubber latex, are widely employed for their exceptional barrier properties and flexibility. Offering a snug fit and excellent tactile sensitivity, these gloves are commonly used in medical, laboratory, and industrial settings, providing a reliable shield against chemicals and contaminants. Their elasticity allows for comfortable wear and precise hand movements, making them crucial in tasks requiring dexterity. Latex gloves are available in both powdered and powder-free varieties, catering to diverse preferences, and their biodegradable nature adds an environmental advantage. However, it's essential to note that some individuals may have latex allergies, prompting the use of alternative materials such as nitrile or vinyl gloves in certain situations.

Nurse Cap

Technical Specifications

Packaging: 10Pkt x 100pcs

A nurse cap is a traditional and iconic piece of healthcare attire worn by nurses as a symbol of their profession. Typically made from lightweight and breathable materials, nurse caps serve both practical and symbolic purposes. Functionally, they help contain and restrain hair to maintain a hygienic environment in medical settings. Symbolically, nurse caps represent a historical tradition in healthcare and are a visual marker of the caregiving role. While their usage has evolved over time, with many healthcare institutions transitioning to more modern uniforms, nurse caps continue to hold cultural and historical significance in the nursing profession.

PE Aprons

Technical Specifications

Packaging: 10Pkt x 100pcs

Discover practical and reliable protection with our PE Aprons. Crafted from high-quality polyethylene, these aprons offer a waterproof barrier, shielding you from spills and splashes in various environments. The lightweight and disposable design ensure convenience and hygiene, making them ideal for food preparation, healthcare settings, and general use. Easy to wear and remove, these PE Aprons provide a cost-effective solution for maintaining cleanliness and minimizing the risk of contamination in diverse applications.

PVC Tapes

Technical Specifications

Size: 9mm x 66mtrs(192rls/- box)

PVC tapes find versatile applications across various industries due to their unique properties:
  1. Electrical Insulation: PVC tapes are commonly used to insulate and protect electrical wires and cables, preventing moisture infiltration and enhancing safety in electrical installations.
  2. Color Coding: With a variety of colors available, PVC tapes are used for color-coding in organizational systems, facilitating easy identification of items, cables, or pipes.
  3. Pipe Marking: In industrial settings, PVC tapes are employed for marking and identifying pipes, helping workers distinguish between different types of pipelines.
  4. Packaging: PVC tapes serve as effective sealing and bundling solutions in packaging, offering durability, flexibility, and adhesive strength for securing packages.
  5. Temporary Repairs: Due to their adhesive properties and flexibility, PVC tapes are used for quick fixes and temporary repairs in various situations, providing a reliable and versatile solution.

1. Bag Neck Sealing Machine: Explore our Bag Neck Sealing Machines for a reliable and efficient sealing solution. Designed for precision and durability, these machines are crafted to meet the demands of various packaging applications.

2. Powder Coated Bag Neck Sealing Machine: Upgrade your packaging setup with our Powder Coated Bag Neck Sealing Machine. Combining durability with a sleek finish, these machines deliver both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

3. BOPP Tapes: Secure your packages with our high-quality BOPP Tapes. Designed for strong adhesion and reliability, these tapes ensure that your packages stay sealed and protected during transit.

4. Cling Film: Discover our Cling Film, a versatile and essential packaging material for preserving freshness. Ideal for both commercial and household use, our Cling Film ensures your products stay in top condition.

5. Cling Film Dispenser: Make packaging more convenient with our Cling Film Dispenser. Designed for easy dispensing and cutting, this dispenser streamlines your packaging process.

6. Cold Storage Converter Set: Optimize your storage with our Cold Storage Converter Set. Tailored for cold storage needs, this set ensures that your products remain at the optimal temperature.

7. Dust Mask: Prioritize safety with our Dust Masks. Providing protection against airborne particles, these masks are an essential addition to your packaging operations.

8. Impulse Sealers: Achieve airtight seals with our Impulse Sealers. Designed for efficiency, these sealers are perfect for various packaging applications.

9. Latex Gloves: Ensure hygiene with our Latex Gloves. Ideal for handling packaging materials, these gloves provide a protective barrier for your hands.

10. Nurse Cap, PE Aprons, PVC Tapes: Complete your packaging ensemble with our Nurse Caps, PE Aprons, and PVC Tapes. These additional accessories enhance safety and hygiene in your packaging environment.