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Electric Stacker-AFL-EST

Technical Specifications

Full electric stacker is a new generation of vehicle which your company independently develops and takes the accumulator cell as the power The electric stacker is mainly made of body,frame,and raising legs,The fork and legs of electric stacker directly inserted into cargo base,casues the cargo center of gravity and the load center of fork superposition。The fork with cargo rises and drops Completing piles up the movement After the cargo base is away from ground 150mm-400mm,and stacker is started。then the van movement has been realized。The electrice stacker with compact structure,perfect function and high reliabilities suitable for warehousing textile chemical industry ,medicine, food and so on profession inside and outside rooms work.
Rated capacityKg100015002000
Lift height(H)mm1600、2000、2500、3000Only for 1.0T or 1.5T
Load center(C)mm500
Low height(h)mm85
Fork length(L)mm1150
Width of fork(W3)mm680
Clearance from the ground(x)mm30
Wheels distance(L0)mm1242
Lifting speed(unladen)mm/s130~140
Lifting speed(laden)mm/s80
Lowering speed(laden)mm/s280
Drive speed(unladen)Km/h5.7~6
Drive speed(laden)Km/h4~4.5
Maximum gradeability(Unladen/laden)%7/10
Turning radius(r)mm1600
Front wheel dimensionsmmφ80×60
Rear wheel dimensionsmmφ130×55
Traction wheelmmφ250×80
Total length(L1)mm2070±20
Total width(W)mm815
Total Height(H1)mmRefer to the max lifting height(Check below)
Battery volts/ampere2×12V/210Ah
Traction motorKW    1.2
Lifting motorKW2.23.0
Battery weight(±5%)Kg190~205
Truck weight(Without battery)Kg710~770740~800750~800

Manual stacker AFL-EH

Technical Specifications

Max.lifting height(mm)2000/2500/30002000/2500/3000
Lowered height of forks(mm)9090
Fork length (mm)900900
Adjustable Width of fork(mm)320-740360-740
Lifting speed(mm/stroke)2014
lowering speed(mm/stroke)ControllableControllable
Outer width of front legs (mm)690690
Operation power of crank(kg)2432
Front wheel size(mm)φ75x52φ74x70
Rear wheel size(mm)φ180x50φ180x50
Overall size(mm)1410x780x15401410x780x17901410x780x20401410x780x15401410x780x17901410x780x2040

Manual stacker AFL-EW

Technical Specifications

Max.lifting height(mm)1600
Lowered height of forks(mm)90
Fork length (mm)900
Adjustable Width of fork(mm)300-120
Lifting speed(mm/stroke)20
lowering speed(mm/stroke)Controllable
Operation power of crank(kg)24
Outer width of front legs (mm)1400
Front wheel size(mm)φ75x70
Rear wheel size(mm)φ180x50
Overall size(mm)2080x1400x1470
Self Weight(kg)210

Semi electric stacker AFL-SES

Technical Specifications

Semi-electric pallet stacker uses electric lifting, since the goods are easily up to the desired height, considerable savings in labor, improve working efficiency; in transshipment cargo, the use of high-strength wear-resistant and long handle of the sprocket wheel steering system, steering flexible, operation easy, especially for vehicles loading and unloading and workshops, warehouses, railway stations and other venues, indoor and outdoor operation. Because the product does not emit fumes, and is pollution-free, low noise, therefore it is particularly suitable for warehouse, textile, food, chemical and pharmaceutical areas, both for indoor and outdoor operation.
Max Height (H)mm1600, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000
Load Center (C)mm500
Min Height (H)mm85
Length of Fork (L)mm1000
Width of Fork (W3)mm680
Distance of Landmm25
Max Lift Speed Without Loadmm/s90±10%
Max Lift Speed With Loadmm/s60
Max Down Speed With Loadmm/s≤280
Minimum Outside Turning Radius rmm1500
Rear Wheel size (d1)mmφ80×70φ80×93
Front Wheel Size (d2)mmφ180×50
Overall Length ( L1)mm1700±20
Overall Width (W)mm800
Overall Height (H1)mmoverall height with the maximum lifting height is related in the table below
Battery Voltage -CapacitySingle Frame 12V-100AhDouble Frame12V-120Ah
Automatic ChargerAc220V/50Hz-Dc12V/20A
Improve MotorKWDC24V-1.6KW
Gear Pumpml/rCBWn-F2.0
Self Weight of Battery (±5%)Kg12V-100A Weight 28  /  12V-120A Weight 35
Self Weight(Without Battery)Kg312/325/340/355/370387/405/425/445/465397/415/435/455/475